Survival Server Rules

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Jul 25, 2022
1. Do not bully or harass other members of the community or staff. Our server is intended to be a safe space for people to relax and have fun!
2. Do not threaten harm or digital crimes upon members of the community, staff, or server its self. These include but are not limited to: (D)DoS attacks, Doxing, hacking, exploiting, etc.
3. Do not use, edit, take or otherwise modify people's creations without their explicit permission.
4. Do not advertise on our servers. This includes anything from links/URLs, IPs, names or anything else.
5. Do not use any type of "hacked client" or hacks in general.
6. Do not attempt to lag the server in any way. Purposefully lagging or crashing the server will result in a permanent ban.
7. Do not attempt to duplicate items or in-game currency. You will be permanently banned.
8. Our server has a zero-tolerance policy towards nsfw content. If any user is found to be posting such content, their post will be immediately deleted and the user will face consequences for their actions.
9. Our server enforces a max alt policy of 2. Please do not use more than 2 Alts, even on a different IP.
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