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all the rules for our servers here.
1. Do not harass or bully other players or staff for any reason.

2. While cursing is allowed, this does not include slurs. Please do not use any type of discriminatory language on our server!

3. Grief and/or stealing is not tolerated, this will result in an immediate permanent ban. This includes doing things on people's property you are not supposed to and/or do not have permission to do!

4. Do not use things that give you advantages over other players or things that are not intended to be used. You also may not do anything that can potentially harms the server and its contents. This includes hacking, doxing, (D)DoSing, exploiting, etc.

5. Do not post any links or other potentially harmful things in chat.

6. Donor items, including kits, are only allowed to be possessed by the buyer. If you do not have the rank required to get donor items, you should not have them on your person or in your home(s). If you are found to have them, they will be taken and you will be subjected to further punishment.

7. Do not use alternate accounts to further increase income to your main account. Both accounts will be punished accordingly.

8. Staff have full discretion over punishments and resolution of situations. If you disagree with a staff member's decision, please report it to a higher rank.

9. Do not use TPA/TPR or any other form of teleportation to kill others whether it be in-directly or directly. This is considered to be grief and is not allowed.
10. No form of advertisement is allowed in chat or any other media platforms.

11. Do not exploit the store in any way. This includes buying things like iron nuggets then making them into iron ingots to sell. If you think something may be wrong with the shop, tell staff first! You could be banned and/or have items removed from you if you do not tell staff.

12. Do not duplicate items or make them in a way that was not intended by the game. If you are found to be doing this, your items, money and bases will be wiped and deleted. You will also likely be banned for this.

13. Do not disturb villages or other naturally occurring structures for no reason. Feel free to use them or their resources if you need them, but do not destroy them just to do so.

Please review our important claim disclaimer here:
  • You may not want to build in the end or nether as we regenerate them regularly to preserve their quality and resource balance. You may build there still if you wish, but know that your items and buildings there will be wiped every Sunday. The regeneration will happen routinely every Sunday, once per week.
  • If you're experiencing weird bugs or glitches, try updating your client to the latest Minecraft version and try again. Cross version compatibility may cause undesired effects in certain cases.